Upgrading our G80 M3 with Fall-Line - Strut Brace + Oil Cooler Guard

As soon as BMW showed off the new G8x M3/M4 people were pretty quick to criticise a few things (not just the front bumper!) and one of those was the strut braces in the engine bay.

And with good reason - the F8x M3/M4 came with a gorgeous carbon fibre brace that set off the engine bay. The G8x M3/M4 in comparison comes with some metal braces that aren't even finished particularly nicely.

Enter Fall-Line Motorsports and their beautifully machined and anodised strut braces that much better suit the premium nature of a BMW M car.

Along side this we also fitted one of their Oil Cooler Guards, a cleverly designed product that helps to protect the exposed oil cooler on the bottom of the vehicle, something that could be key on a lowered car to protect the cooler from damage and possible oil leaks.

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