1. Our F80 M3 is TOO POWERFUL! Upgrading the DCT Clutch Pack
  2. F80 M3 vs G80 M3 - Road Battle with @Becky Evans
  3. Making our own Carbon Aero for the F80 M3/F82 M4 - Introducing Evaero
  4. Breaking the 200mph barrier in our Stage 3 F80 M3
  5. British Racing Green F80 M3 gets a baller package of upgrades! - Eventuri + CSF + MSS + Tuning
  6. Testing the MSS Ride Management System on our F80 M3 Vyper
  7. It's not the size of the mod, it's what you do with it - MMR DCT Paddles - F87 M2 GTS + F80 M3
  8. Getting our M2 GTS, F80 M3 and Eventuri's RS3 ready for Players Classic
  9. Testing new Bilstein B6 EDC adjustable dampers on our BMW F80 M3
  10. VMAX 200 in Project Vyper - Hybrid Turbo 605bhp F80 M3
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