1. M3 Subframe Reinforcement Welding - E36 M3 Touring Ep 08
  2. Removing the Engine from the Touring - E36 M3 Touring Ep 07
  3. Stripping the S50b32 E36 M3 engine - E36 M3 Touring Ep 06
  4. Cleaning the underside of the E36 Touring - E36 M3 Touring Project Ep 05
  5. Why are the parts always rusty? E36 M3 Touring Project Ep 04
  6. Matt goes to the Strip Club - E36 M3 Touring Project
  7. M3 Touring Project - Stripping the E36 M3 Donor
  8. BIG changes for Matt's E36 M3 - New Project Car!
  9. Piston Heads Sunday Service Meet At BMW HQ UK
  10. Evolution Of The M3
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