OEM+ 1M Upgrade Package! Evolve Stage 1 Tune + Akrapovič Exhaust + CSF Intercooler + Eibach Springs

This gorgeous Valencia Orange E82 1M came in to us completely standard with the owner wanting to get a little more out of the car whilst keeping fairly subtle.

This is where our Stage 1 Package comes in perfectly - Our Stage 1 ECU tune paired with a CSF Intercooler see's power up around the 400bhp mark making this little M car have the punch to match its looks. We also fitted a Masata charge pipe for peace of mind as the standard plastic item is known to fail.

Along with that an Akrapovič axle back titanium exhaust was fitted to release the N54 sound, and the valved sound kit means you have full control of how loud it is.

Rounding it off was a set of Eibach Pro springs which give a subtle lowering, closing the arch gap without shouting too modified or scraping on bumpy roads.

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