F90 M5 Evolve Stage 2 Package - Catless Downpipes + Remus

The F90 M5 has an incredible twin turbo V8 engine, but from the factory you can't really hear that glorious V8 sound, and whilst the performance is great, there's a lot more left on the table.

This is where our Stage 2 package comes in, we fit a set of our Evolve Catless Downpipes, a Remus non-resonated mid pipe and our thoroughly developed Stage 2 ECU tune to unleash the twin turbo V8s true potential. This customer also opting for some aggressive overrun burble!

Alongside this we fit some RKP carbon fiber styling upgrades in the form of a front splitter and side skirt extensions, and finally some 12mm spacers all round.

For more information email us on sales@evolveautomotive.com