ECU Upgrades
  • Stage 1 remap on stock vehicle
  • Stage 2 remap with downpipes
  • Stage 3 remap with turbo-back exhaust

Mini Cooper S R56: Evolve ECU Tune


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Mini Cooper S R56 Remap

Our Mini Cooper S remap produces additional power through careful tuning of the factory DME tables. Various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, boost pressure and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains that take the 175bhp figure upto 210bhp in stock form... significantly more if you have other modifications.

Our engine tuning philosophy is an improvement in driveability and enjoyment. We do this by giving an increase in power and torque for the whole rev range, and not just a 'glory' BHP figure found high in the rev range where you don't spend the majority of your time. Our figures are also very conservative and can easily be replicated on other dynos.


  • Up to 210bhp in stock form
  • We tune for any variation of mods

To get this software we now offer the Evolver remote tuning tool. The Evolver is the latest hardware release from Evolve, enabling customers to load our industry leading ECU software upgrade directly into their vehicles themselves, at home.

Already have other modifications? We have various stages available.


Why choose Evolve?

Our reputation is built on ability, customer service and knowledge. We pride ourselves on delivering safe and reliable software modifications that increase driver enjoyment above all else. We have the capacity to create our own software and test on both our in-house dyno, on the road and track. We have tuned a near 1000 exclusive European vehicles (read some of our testimonials or ask about us on one of the many forums we sponsor), many of these being existing customer referrals. We also tune for various motosport teams and other companies.