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Date added: 11/01/2013 Maximum PSI Review of Evolve E9X M3 E600 Supercharger Kit

After reading about Evolve's E9X supercharger kit, and later seeing pictures of the hardware, I asked a local Evolve E600 customer to bring his car to our shop to dyno test and look over. He was nice enough to accept my offer and we spent a few hours going over the hardware, install, and then made a bunch of dyno pulls. 


First look, the kit is an engineering masterpiece. CNC'd aluminum components are found everywhere. Custom molded silicone hoses fit perfectly and connect to a beautiful, huge, air-air FMIC that sits behind the front bumper. An 8 rib pulley system to eliminate belt slippage. The overall appearance is super clean and matches the styling of the car.



I drove the car around town to test drivability and then took it for some high speed blasts. I can say the kit runs as good as it looks. After my street test, we strapped it to our Superflow chassis dyno and made numerous pulls. The car performed flawlessly and was extremely repeatable run to run.





The verdict:

Appearance, fitment, drivability, and performance. Normally you have to make a sacrifice somewhere, but this kit hit the mark with all aspects. This was all we needed to give Evolve a call and set ourselves up as a dealer/installer!