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Date added: 10/18/2013 Evolve Supercharged E92 M3 vs F13 M6 and others


We attended a shoot out organised by Performance BMW Magazine that pitched modified BMW's against the new F13 M6. The magazine featuring this article is the July 2013 edition which is readable in PDF format below. 

30-130 MPH results on the day with claimed BHP by the car owners. The test was carried out at private runway with a positive (uphill) slope. The times should therefore be taken in context with the cars tested on the day. 
Evolve SC M3 600 BHP    11.3
Stock F13 M6                  11.8 
DMS E60 M5 590 BHP     13.6
ESS E39 M5 640 BHP      14.7
Ray West 1M 454 BHP    17.6
Bearing in mind that the new F13 M6 costs £100,000 we are pleased that you can build a car, in this case a E92 M3 DCT, which is faster than the new BMW flagship model for less than half the cost. No taking anything away from the new M6 though as it is a fantastic car out of the box. Imagine what some tuning will do for it!
Here are some pictures from the day taken by Steve Hall.