ECU Upgrades


Our most frequently asked questions:

Q. Where is your warehouse and office?
We ship from our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada (unless we are awaiting stock, in which case the manufacturers will ship from their warehouse direct). We are a UK based company with headquarters in Bedfordshire.

Q. What is custom tuning?
A. Modern BMW ECU's adapt very, very well. Our tunes are written to increase output while retaining the adaption of the standard ECU (like most tuners). The only time we need to alter our highly developed tunes is when major restrictions have been deleted (such as catalytic converters within the exhaust). We develop this higher state of tune, to take this into account. To the ECU it does not matter which exhaust you installed, it will adapt, but will be pushing X times harder around these increased adaption values.
Our 'standard' tunes are there for stock to mildly modified cars. For those with a significant modification 'above the norm' we would recommend a custom tune, as our standard tune cannot adapt to modifications taken far outside their original operating zone. Changes such as superchargers, stage 3/4 upgrades, cams etc will all benefit from a custom tune to take full advantage. 

Q. But I've been told I need a tune for my specific car?
A. You do not need a specific map created for your specific car. Each vehicle ECU programming is not individual. They come out of the factory the same. Adaption will take care of any small mods you have, such as air intakes. All ECU tunes are calibrated from stock (i.e. factory) values.
The only customization required is based on your specific software model. There may be hundreds of software versions for each vehicle so we take a read of your ECU, adapt the maps to suit, and send back to you for writing.

Q. How does the Evolver work?
A. We have a dedicated page with more details here.

Q. How long does it take to load the maps?
A. Each vehicle is different. This is because the encryption and protocols on each ECU is different. Our software takes each into account and writes accordingly.

Q. What if my battery runs out half way through?
A. Through the read/write process your vehicle will be 'live', so the battery will be on. For short processes this isn't an issue. But for longer ones, such as the N54, it is imperative that your vehicle battery be in good condition before you begin the process.
Our instruction manual will guide you through the process and tell you ways of increasing the battery health before you begin, but if your battery is dying you must use a relevant battery charger.
You also must ensure your laptop battery is charged enough for the process, and that all programs that could interrupt it are disabled, such as screen savers, virus checkers, sleep mode, power savers.

Q. Do I need an internet connection for this tune?
A. Only to send and receive the files, unless you visit a Evolve dealer that can offer the service to you.

Q. What happens to my original manufacturers warranty if I buy products from your store?
A. There is always the possibility that installing any aftermarket product in your car can void a related part of your original warranty (usually the parts it is related to). 
If your local dealership believes your modifications have caused an issue with a related part then they may try to void your warranty for that specific area e.g. a suspension mod may void your suspension warranty. It is a grey area, as it is often up to the discrepancy of the dealer, as the onus is upon them to prove that the part has directly attributed to the fault - an engine modification will not cause a broken seat for example and therefore that must be replaced under warranty, but the reality is a manufacturer will do as they please and in most cases it depends on your relationship with your SA.
The truth remains that service centers will instantly blame an aftermarket part for ANY problem without proper diagnosis, as it may be in their best interest. We always suggest returning to stock for any such visits to get a thoroughly fair diagnosis.